#BlackGirlsMIA boldly centers the lives, lived experiences, and voices of underserved girls of color in Miami-Dade County.  


Black Girls Matter

The Miami Black Girls Matter Coalition seeks to address the many dangerous odds facing young women of color in America. From public education to the criminal justice system, the various institutions that come in contact with black and brown youth fail to address issues that disproportionately impact young women and girls of color.

Circle Workshops

Through a series of Black Girls Matter workshop circles, we've created radical and safe spaces for black girls to share their experiences of school pushout, suspension, and criminalization. The #BlackGirlsMIA curriculum uses storytelling, restorative practices and artistic expression as vehicles of transformation that spark youth leadership and development.


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Read the full story about Black Girls Matter MIA. Download the Black Girls Matter Booklet.



Black Girls Demand...

  • More programs that create safe spaces for black girls to share their stories like Black Girls Matter Circles!
  • Race sensitivity training for school officials and educators to stop reinforcing stereotypes!

  • Safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+, especially transgender and gender nonbinary students, including gender neutral bathroom options and respect for gender identity.

  • More educational resources in the classrooms, new textbooks and computers, and better libraries!

  • Comprehensive sex education in schools, including conversations on consent, alternative parental options other than abstinence and incorporating a queer lens!

  • Restorative justice in schools, allowing students and teachers to resolve conflict and address harm without law enforcement!

  • More extensive screening of teachers and all school workers so we feel cared for and respected!

  • Resources and funding to invest in onsite tutoring!

  • Policies that give young parents the option to remain in school and funding for programs that ensure graduation and economic justice!

  • The end of criminalization of black youth!

  • Schools divest from police and invest in school supplies, social workers and extracurricular activities other than sports!

  • Challenging coursework that promotes critical thinking and leadership development!

  • Trained counselors who actually have time to counsel!

  • Birth justice for young parents including access to breastfeeding, midwifery and doula support, in school, communities and at home in order to thrive and be successful.

  • Young parents retain autonomy over their bodies and have the support they need to make the best decisions for their children!

  • Restorative Justice practices for young parents and their communities to address harm without law enforcement!

  • Schools treat survivors of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) as survivors of violence. Survivors should not be criminalized and should have access to proper treatment, quality education and job readiness services!

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