Advisory Board

The Black Girls Matter Miami Coalition seeks to address the many dangerous odds facing young women of color in America. From public education to the criminal justice system, the various institutions that come in contact with black and brown youth fail to address issues that disproportionately impact young women and girls of color. Coalition members include Dream Defenders, Miami Workers Center, Power U Center for Social Change & S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective.

Dream Defenders

Dream Defenders are building a powerful, deep, local, organization and movement for freedom and liberation in Florida.

Dream Defenders was founded in 2012 to make powerful change come to Florida. The time is now.

Miami Workers Center

The Miami Workers Center (MWC) is a strategy and action center whose purpose is to build the power and self-determination of south Florida’s most oppressed communities, and help to build a progressive voice and platform that can nurture the growth of movements for social change in Florida and in the United States. We employ an intersectional approach linking gender, race, and socio-economic status across our analysis and programs.

We work to unite and grow the power of low income immigrants and African-Americans women, girl and femmes from some of the most vulnerable neighborhoods of Miami, such as Liberty City, Overtown, Wynwood, Appalatah and Little Havana, and challenge the powers that benefit from our exploitation and oppression.

Power U Center For Social Change

Power U believes that the systems of White Supremacy, Capitalism, and Heteropatriarchy [1] are the roots of oppression in our society. To fight these forms of oppression and win Human Rights [2], Power U strives to uphold the following principles in ourselves, our organization, and our movement for social justice:

Self Determination For All Communities

Economic Justice

Black Liberation

Women’s Liberation

Equality For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People

Youth Empowerment

International Solidarity

S.O.U.L Sisters Leadership Collective

S.O.U.L (Sisters Organizing for Understanding & Leadership) Sisters Leadership Collective (SSLC) mobilizes systems-involved girls and femmes of color - black, brown, and indigenous - to interrupt cycles of state violence, poverty, and oppression.

Our four pillars are leadership, healing, social justice, and the arts. Growing out of the dire need for gender-specific services and leadership development for young women impacted by school pushout and the justice system in urban areas, SSLC launched in August of 2014 in Miami and NYC.