Join the Coalition

As a coalition, Black Girls Matter understands the power of working together to achieve a common goal. As an urban city and community, black girls should be at the forefront of every major change. Black Girls Matter is held together by our Principles of Unity. Developed in collaboration, we hold these beliefs and values to be true in creating a just world.

Change cannot come about by doing the same things. Through the radical possibilities of our imagination, we strive for a better future, where racism is truly eradicated. Dare to DREAM!


Principle Beliefs…

We believe in a Black Queer Feminist Lens.

We demonstrate a commitment to restorative and reproductive justice.

We are LGBTQIA+ Affirming

We aim to abolish prison and envision a world without police.

As A Coalition…

We are open to learning.

We share a commitment to struggling together and with each other.

We understand the importance of Black girls and femme identified folks in leadership in improving our schools and communities.

We value building healthy relationship between coalition members- youth and organizations. These relationships are also crucial intra-group; within each of these groups.


As Organizations…

As a network of organizations working within one community, we commit to accessibility in how we assemble and share information.

As Individuals…

We believe in and value the individuals as part of the work.

We celebrate and find space for joy.

We are open to learning and growing.

We pledge to honor ourselves through self-care.

We aim to acknowledge our mistakes, understanding and owning the impact of our actions.