It is our duty to FIGHT for our FREEDOM!

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Black Girls Matter

The Miami Black Girls Matter Coalition seeks to address the many dangerous odds facing young women of color in America. From public education to the criminal justice system, the various institutions that come in contact with black and brown youth fail to address issues that disproportionately impact young women and girls of color.

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Circle Workshops

Through a series of Black Girls Matter workshop circles, we’ve created radial and safe spaces for black girls to share their experiences of school pushout, suspension, and criminalization. The #BlackGirlsMIA curriculum uses storytelling, restorative practices, and artistic expression as vehicles of transformation that spark youth leadership and development. 

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Leadership Council Youth Fellowship

Youth are brilliantly passionate and ready to make their voices heard. The leadership fellowship is designed to equip youth with new tools for fighting injustice while sharpening their skills to create bold, fearless leaders who are ready to take on the world around them!

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No mass disorder, afflicting human kind, has ever been eliminated, or brought under control, by treating the affected individual.” -John Snow

The same goes for social justice. It takes a village. In order to tear down the systems and structures that oppress youth of color today, we must work collaboratively to create the world we want to see.

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