“If the challenge exists, so must the SOLUTION.”

-Rona Mlnarik


Black girls have spoken out loud and clear about what they need and want! Through workshops and circles, Black girls, femmes and non-binary youth have envisioned what justice looks like. Not only do black girls shed light on the issues they face on a daily basis but also demand solutions to these problems.

Black Girls Demand:

  • Invest in social workers/advocates INSTEAD of police and law enforcement

  • Support

  • Teachers being held accountable

  • Sympathy

  • Tutors

  • Understanding from teachers

    • Having experienced the struggle

  • Restorative Justice Circles & Practices

  • Looking at DCF and what they actually do

  • All of administration to be held accountable

  • For the school environment to not be crooked

    • Protect and listen to students

  • Schools actually preparing students to be good people, to think critically, and to flourish

  • Parents being more open and understanding

  • Crying-out more; showing vulnerability

  • Having more friends to talk to

  • Talk about issues within households

Black women win.JPG

When Black Women Win, We All Win!