Black Girls are MISSING.


Minority males, especially black boys, have long been at the center of social attention for various reasons. An abundance of data exists about the struggles and issues faced by this population in our country and as such there are numerous initiatives aimed at countering the negative forces at play against black and brown boys. In the midst of this landscape, the one group that has been silently impacted yet ignored is black and brown girls and femmes.

Black, Latinx, and transgender girls are a demographic that is grossly ignored, pathologized and subject to immense gender scrutiny and policing and therefore this is a group that needs targeted programming and attention. In a report commissioned by Power U Center for Social Change and the Advancement Project, data showed that during the 2013-2014 school year Black and Latina girls were overrepresented in out-of-school suspensions. Black and Brown girls are more likely to be pushed out of the school system, be sexually victimized, and placed in caregiving roles within their family. Moreover, girls of color close connection with the intersections of poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia makes them well-positioned to lead our communities in combating these very issues. 


March For Black Women 2018